The ability to safely detect hydrogen leaks in the GC oven is critical to any laboratory using hydrogen as a carrier gas. The new H2 Sensor ensures the safe use of hydrogen in GC analysis. It does this by constantly monitoring the H2 concentrations in the GC oven and automatically switching to an inert gas when typically 25% LEL is reached ; this important feature eliminates the risks and at the same time ensures safety.

Sensor is installed in the GC oven for continuous monitoring of H2 concentrations in the oven air. The measured gas concentration shown on the LCD screen of the external controller.

When the hydrogen concentration reaches the user defined level, typically between 25% and 50% LEL (equal to 1% - 2% by Vol H2), the LCD screen starts flashing, an acoustic signal is transmitted and the carrier gas will automatically be switched to an inert gas.

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