Maestro / Stream / Tornado Lite series for LC/MS

Maestro / Stream / Tornado Lite series for LC/MS


All LC-MS analyzers do not share the same requirements in terms of flow rate, pressure and purity of the gases needed for their operation.  F-DGS offer several options for high flow nitrogen requirements.

The standard high volume Maestro Nitrogen Generator is available in 4 models with the option with/ or without / built in air compressor :
• MAESTRO-15 : max. output of 15 L/min of N2 gas
• MAESTRO-25 : max. output of 25 L/min of N2 gas
• MAESTRO-35 : max. output of 35 L/min of N2 gas
• MAESTRO-64 : max. output of 64 L/min of N2 ga

  • Fully regenerative PSA technology ; reduced risk of gas contamination and phthalate free
  • HMI touch screen technology to display the process in real time, including process variables
  • Integral oil free compressor in option : fully secure supply
  • Quiet thanks to the Soundproofed compressor box and anti-vibration features
  • Auto start
  • Audible and Alarm display with help menu and history log
  • Visual maintenance indication with alarm and history log
  • Outlet flow indicator
  • Energy saving Mode : Enables the compressor to switch off when nitrogen supply is not required
  • Remote access to screen using internet via USB port.
  • Fitted with wheels


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