Moisture/Oil/Dust Traps

These traps are ideal for general purpose filtering such as fuel gases for FID's.



Improves baseline stability and chromatographic data by trapping moisture, oil, and dust before it reaches your GC. Recommended for the filtration of hydrogen in FID's.

  • 400cc capacity - requires fewer refills
  • Replaceable molecular sieve and indicator
  • CoFree™ indicator changes from green to pink at 5% relative humidity to warn of leaks in the gas stream.
  • Unique O-ring design allows hand-removal of the cartridge without disconnecting the fittings from the line
  • Clear acrylic tube rated to 100 psig
  • Approx. dimensions: 6 x 43cm

Hot tip:

Carrier Gas Contaminants Can Lead To Gc Column Degradation, Causing Interference With Your Chromatography Such As Decreased Sensitivity And Increased Baseline Noise

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Trap Type Moisture
Trap Type 375
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