Graphite Reducing Ferrules For 1/8"" Fittings

Graphite ferrules are highly suitable for fused silica capillary column installation and are preferred for high temperature GC applications. Upper temperature is 450°C. The pliability of this type of ferrule allows them to be used in any GC fitting.


Quadrex offers a complete range of graphite and graphite/TL-Polyimide™ ferrules for capillary column installation which offer a reliable gas tight seal and are specifically designed for use in your GC. When choosing the ferrules you need, remember that there really isn't a "standard" ferrule or GC fitting. Most instrument manufacturers and ferrule suppliers have their own particular designs and dimensions for these components, so be sure you're selecting the ferrules which were designed for your particular GC. This will insure that your column installation will be leak-free.

Hot tip:

Hard yet pliable, graphite-vespel ferrules can be re-used up to 6 or more times before requiring replacement.Over tightening any ferrule would cause deformity and shorten the ferrule lifetime.

More Information
Column I.D. (mm) 0.10mm
Column O.D. (MM) 1/8”
Ferrule dimension 1/8” x 0.3mm ID
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