Model 8610C GC Mainframe Features

  • An insulated high temperature column oven (7.8"W x 8.0"D x 3.0"H), programmable from ambient to 400°C. The oven can accommodate all standard capillary or packed GC columns of 7" coil diameters or less. A dual oven configuration is also available (called the 8610D) for multi-dimensional GC work. In this instance, the column coils are restricted to 4" diameter or smaller.
  • A single cold on-column injector is standard equipment. Additional cold on-column injectors and optional upgrades to other injector systems are available.
  • Versatile temperature programming with unlimited ramps and holds. Program the column oven at up to 40°C per minute up to 400°C. Cool down time from 250°C to 50°C in five minutes or less.
  • Electronic (pneumatic) Pressure Control (EPC) is standard for all system gases.
  • Pressure Program via EPC: Unlimited ramps and holds. Program the carrier gas pressure from 0 to 100 psi at up to 99 psi per minute.
  • PEAKSIMPLE data acquisition software is included with every SRI GC with a factory installed detector. PEAKSIMPLE is Windows-compatible and the USB interface turns any IBM PC or LAPTOP (required for GC's operation) into a powerful chromatography integrator. The PEAKSIMPLE software can acquire signals from up to six data channels (depending upon the version) and totally controls the unlimited temperature programs and automation of the 8610C GCs. Connection to PC is via USB cable - not included.
  • LED "at-a-glance" status indicator panel gives you a quick visual indication of all controlled zones.
  • Dimensions/weight: 18.5"W x 14.5"D x 12.5"H (mainframe only). Power requirement: 110VAC, 60Hz or 220VAC, 50Hz.
  • Protective, heavy duty shipping case provided. Meets IATA and FAA dimensional baggage requirements

Model 8610C GC Mainframe

The 8610C Gas Chromatograph is a bench-top or field portable GC with a full size column oven which can use the same fused silica capillary columns or packed columns as full sized laboratory GCs.

The flexibility of the 8610C GC allows for the same combinations of hardware with multiple injector, detector and add-on options as you would find on a full size, high priced bench-top GC. The 8610C can control up to 16 heated zones, three gas sampling valves, and seven EPC gas pressures. Up to six detectors, from a choice of 16, can be mounted simultaneously. The 8610C shown at right is equipped with five detectors.

They are extremely rugged and field transportable, UPS/FED-EX shippable, and can even be checked as airline baggage.

This is the GC mainframe only. Appropriate injector(s) and detector(s) must be added for a complete GC system

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Selections Main Frame Options
Model MODEL 8610C GC
Volts (110 Volts AC) with 6-channel USB Peaksimple Data System
Selections Main Frame Options
Model MODEL 8610C GC
Volts (110 Volts AC) with 6-channel USB Peaksimple Data System
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