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The Educational GCs are available configured with either TCD or FID detectors. They include :

  • Built on the smaller Model 310 GC chassis
  • TCD detector -or- FID detector
  • Carrier gas electronic pressure control (EPC)
  • On-column injector
  • 1M. Silica Gel column
  • 1-channel Peaksimple data system

* NOTE: Educational models are less expensive than equivalent GC's manufactured to order. No customization of educational models is available prior to initial sale, although normal factory retrofit services are available after delivery.



SRI full-featured Portable GCs are ideal for use in the field, as well, and they are equally comfortable on a lab bench. You can customize a GC system to meet your specific analytical needs with a wide range of injectors, detectors, and accessory options.

Due to the popularity of some configurations, a number of pre-configured GCs are offered satisfying a wide range of common analytical applications. In some cases, the preconfigured GCs are less expensive than the identical hardware assembled "a la carte." Each of the preconfigured GCs may be further customized (except the educational GC systems).

Check out these popular pre-configured systems below, or configure your own system to meet your needs.

The Educational TCD GC system is ideal for undergraduate chemistry classes with labs. Configured on the ultra compact 310 chassis, the Educational GC includes a traditional 4-filament Thermal Conductivity Detector that can heat to 275°C. The built-in single channel PeakSimple data system provides easy and powerful data acquisition, as well as temperature programming for the column oven. The column oven is programmable to 400oC with unlimited ramps and holds, and is equipped with fast cool-down fans. Electronic Pressure Control (EPC) for the carrier gas provides rock-solid retention time reproducibility.

The Educational FID GC system is also ideal for undergraduate chemistry classes or graduate level research. This same GC is can be used in thrifty labs for general VOC analysis because of its low cost and complete upgrade-ability* with our wide selection of detectors and injectors, in case analytical needs change in the future.

Both the carrier gas and the FID combustion gas are controlled by programmable Electronic Pressure Controllers, or EPCs. EPCs not only provide rock-solid retention time reproducibility, but allow the carrier gas to be pressure ramped (just as the column oven is temperature ramped) from the built-in PeakSimple data system.

The On-column injector is ideal for 1/8" packed and 0.53mm wide-bore capillary columns, and is suitable for analyses ranging from methane to heavy, high-boiling hydrocarbons (C44+). The column oven accepts column cage diameters up to four inches, is programmable to 400°C, and recycles quickly with its high speed cool-down fans.

Hot tips:

Up to five injectors can be mounted on the 8610c GC Mainframe. Due to limited space, only a single injector can be mounted on the 310 GC Mainframe.

In order to add a second injector, of any type, additional cold on-column injector hardware must be added first. This hardware is then upgraded to the appropriate injector type.

Preconfigured gcs take advantage of batch manufacturing, offering a lot of gc power at very reasonable pricing.

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Selections Preconfigured systems
Volts 110V
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