• Many User-replaceable electronic chips
  • Replacement heaters for column oven and detectors
  • Assorted graphite and Vespel ferrules
  • Assorted Swagelok nuts and ferrules
  • Digital voltmeter
  • Wide-bore column adaptor
  • Type K thermocouple
  • EPC pressure sensor


Up to five injectors can be mounted on the 8610c gc mainframe. Due to limited space, only a single injector can be mounted on the 310 gc mainframe.



Gas cylinders require different types of CGA connections depending upon the type of gas being used. Air is typically CGA 590 or 346, helium and nitrogen are CGA 590 or 346, helium and nitrogen are CGA 580, while hydrogen and argon-methane (P5) are CGA 350.

Specify the CGA type when ordering.

Each cylinder regulator is supplied with a 1/8" Swagelok outlet fitting for easy connection to the copper tubing, and the hydrogen regulator is also equipped with a flow restrictor to limit the escape of gas in the event of a leak. The air kit is supplied with both CGA 590 and CGA 346 inlet fittings.


The maintenance kit is specifically designed for export or field-users who may have difficulty returning the gc to the factory for service.

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