#SRI-8610-0059-1, #SRI-8610-0059-2


  • PID detector
  • FID/DELCD combo detectors
  • Built-in Method 5030 or 5030/5035 Purge and Trap
  • Built-in air compressor
  • 4-channel Peaksimple data system
  • 60M. Capillary Column

For laboratory or mobile field testing applications where space and versatility are critical, choose the Environmental GC. Equipped with Method 5035 compliant Purge & Trap, PID, and FID/DELCD detectors, it will easily generate certification quality data for EPA Methods 8021, 8010, 8015, TO-14,and many others.

With the optional Thermal Desorber, you can quickly screen for pesticides, PCBs, diesel, and other semi-volatiles. The standard on-column injection port allows syringe injection as well, and a second injector may be installed if desired.

If you are going out into the field, heading off into the jungle, or just need a compact GC for the lab, this GC equips you with the hardware to cover almost every analytical situation.

For users who do not need the chlorine/bromine selective DELCD detector, the same GC configuration minus DELCD is available as the BTEX GC.

The chromatograms at right simultaneously displayed in PeakSimple, are from an analysis of Method 8021 standard + gases on an SRI Environmental GC system. Peak identities can be confirmed by comparing the results from the three different detectors. Peaks which often co-elute, such as benzene and carbon tetrachloride, can still be measured since the PID responds only to the benzene, while the DELCD only responds to the carbon tetrachloride.

Options & Upgrades: 6 channel USB PeakSimple data system, Split/Splitless and PTV injectors, additional gas sampling valves



SRI full-featured Portable GCs are ideal for use in the field, as well, and they are equally comfortable on a lab bench. You can customize a GC system to meet your specific analytical needs with a wide range of injectors, detectors, and accessory options.

Due to the popularity of some configurations, a number of pre-configured GCs are offered satisfying a wide range of common analytical applications. In some cases, the preconfigured GCs are less expensive than the identical hardware assembled "a la carte." Each of the preconfigured GCs may be further customized (except the educational GC systems).

Check out these popular pre-configured systems below, or configure your own system to meet your needs.

Hot tips:

Up to five injectors can be mounted on the 8610c GC Mainframe. Due to limited space, only a single injector can be mounted on the 310 GC Mainframe.

In order to add a second injector, of any type, additional cold on-column injector hardware must be added first. This hardware is then upgraded to the appropriate injector type.

Preconfigured gcs take advantage of batch manufacturing, offering a lot of gc power at very reasonable pricing.

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Selections Preconfigured systems
Volts 110V
Selections Preconfigured systems
Volts 110V
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