#SRI-8610-0072-1, #SRI-8610-0072-2


  • Separates multiple gases with a single injection
  • Simpler than other multi-gas systems
  • Very tolerant of user adjustments

The basic MGA #1 includes:

  • TCD detector
  • 10-port gas sampling valve and valve oven
  • MoleSieve and silica gel packed columns
  • 1-channel Peaksimple data system

The optional MGA #1 upgrade includes:

  • TCD / FID-methanizer or TCD / HID detectors
  • 10-port gas sampling valve and valve oven
  • MoleSieve and silica gel packed columns
  • 4 or 6-channel Peaksimple data system

A detailed system overview on the operation of the Multi-Gas Analyzer can be viewed here (1.5mB .pdf file - you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this file).

The Multiple Gas Analyzer GC is pre-plumbed and ready to resolve H2, O2, N2, Methane, CO, Ethane, CO2, Ethylene, NOX, Acetylene, Propane, Butanes, Pentanes, and C6 through C10.

Options & Upgrades: additional detectors, 6 channel USB PeakSimple data system



SRI full-featured Portable GCs are ideal for use in the field, as well, and they are equally comfortable on a lab bench. You can customize a GC system to meet your specific analytical needs with a wide range of injectors, detectors, and accessory options.

Due to the popularity of some configurations, a number of pre-configured GCs are offered satisfying a wide range of common analytical applications. In some cases, the preconfigured GCs are less expensive than the identical hardware assembled "a la carte." Each of the preconfigured GCs may be further customized (except the educational GC systems).

Check out these popular pre-configured systems below, or configure your own system to meet your needs.

Unlike complicated and timing-critical gas analysis configurations with 3-4 columns and 3-4 valves, the SRI Multiple Gas Analyzer uses just a single 10 port gas sampling valve and two columns, and is very tolerant of valve timing variations or operator adjustments. The Molecular Sieve column is located in the GC's heated valve oven at a constant 100°C temperature, while the Silica gel column is temperature programmed from 40°C to 300°C in the main column oven. The Silica gel column can optionally be replaced by a Porapak column for H2O analysis, or for other polar analytes.

The main benefit of the Multiple Gas Analyzer system is simplicity, since competing systems are often vastly more complex and tricky to operate. The only negative is that C4 and C5 isomers do not completely resolve on the silica gel column.

The Multiple Gas Analyzer can be configured with the TCD detector only, for detection limits in the 200-500 ppm range, and TCD-Methanizer-FID for improved detection limits ( 5 ppm ) for CO, CO2 and all hydrocarbon peaks. Also available is the TCD-HID detector combination for detection limits in the 10 ppm range for all analytes including hydrogen.

Hot tips:

Up to five injectors can be mounted on the 8610c GC Mainframe. Due to limited space, only a single injector can be mounted on the 310 GC Mainframe.

In order to add a second injector, of any type, additional cold on-column injector hardware must be added first. This hardware is then upgraded to the appropriate injector type.

Preconfigured gcs take advantage of batch manufacturing, offering a lot of gc power at very reasonable pricing.

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Volts 110V
Selections Preconfigured systems
Volts 110V
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