• Non-radioactive alternative to ECD
  • High sensitivity - detection levels down to 10ppb
  • Selective to chlorinated and brominated compounds
  • Use with headspace or purge and trap injectors
  • Can be combined with FID, NPD and TID detectors
  • Includes spare detector cell

The DELCD is much like the ECD in sensitivity, but it is much more selective to halogens and blind to oxygen. The SRI DELCD differs from the traditional wet ELCD in that it uses neither a solvent electrolyte nor a nickel reaction tube, and the reaction products are detected in the gaseous phase. In the high sensitivity mode (no hydrogen, using dry cylinder air) the DELCD can detect down to the low picogram range. In this mode, the DELCD is about 100 times more sensitive than the FID/DELCD. However, the high sensitivity DELCD is susceptible to contamination from high concentrations of chlorinated hydrocarbons and hydrocarbon solvents.


Up to six detectors can be mounted on the 8610c gc mainframe.



Fourteen detector combinations are available for mounting on the SRI Models 8610C and 310 GC mainframes.You can also upgrade your current GC or add more analytical power to your lab with these detectors as Stand-Alone units on the Model 110 detector chassis.

Up to six detectors may be mounted along the right hand side of the 8610C GC's column oven and used simultaneously (although some rare combinations of detectors may conflict because of space limitations). Each detector is equipped with a thermostatted heater block for temperature stability, electronic pressure controlled (EPC) support gases, such as hydrogen and air for the FID, and internal amplifier electronics. Select your detector type(s) based on your particular measurement application, detection limit required, matrix interferences, and/or regulatory guidelines.

All detectors require factory installation.

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