The 007-1MS silphenylene columns offer the chromatographer a number of advantages:

  • greater thermal stability
  • greater resistance to oxygen degradation
  • fast ramping to elevated temperatures to purge the column of residual components
  • improved analysis of trace level compounds
  • less baseline bleed equals less baseline noise, which results in lower detection limits
  • increased column lifetimes
  • reduced contamination of MS sources and other GC detector surfaces
  • "cleaner" mass spectra...mass spectra with fewer extraneous ions enables the analyst to achieve more accurate compound identification and a more efficient library search

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Boiling point column, low bleed characteristics for GC/MS use: hydrocarbons, solvents, waxes, etc.,

Traditional polysiloxane-type GC stationary phases degrade at elevated temperatures. The degradation process is well documented and consists of the thermal rearrangement of the siloxane backbone to produce cyclic groups. These groups are volatile and elute from the column as column 'bleed'. The silphenylene units within the 007-1MS backbone act as heat sinks and limit the formation of the cyclic groups normally associated with polysiloxane degradation.

Silphenylene/polysiloxane phase unit.




007-5MS Silphenylene Baseline Bleed

A typical 007-5MS baseline bleed is shown above in Figure 2. The mass spectrum of the baseline bleed is shown below




007-5MS Silphenylene Mass Spectrum. Note the low abundance of key ions.

While a typical methylpolysiloxane bleed spectrum shown below in Figure 4. yields high abundance's of ions with m/z 207, 281, 355, the mass spectrum of the 007-5MS silphenylene column (above, Fig. 3.) yields significantly lower abundance of these ions. Additionally, it is apparent from Figure 3 that there is a reduction in the total number of ions resulting in "cleaner" spectrum and less background interference.



Typical Methylpolysiloxane Mass Spectrum

007-5MS Silphenylene Polysiloxane columns are available in all standard column I.D.'s and in limited column lengths. The film thickness ranges are noted in the chart below.



I.D. 10M. 15M. 25M. 30M. 50M. 60M. 75M. 100M. STANDARD FILM THICKNESS RANGE
0.10mm 0.1 - 0.5µm
0.18mm 0.1 - 0.5µm
0.25mm 0.1 - 1.0µm
0.32mm 0.1 - 1.0µm
0.53mm 0.1 - 1.0µm
Inquire with tech@quadrexcorp.com about custom lengths and films.


film thickness temperature range
up to 1.0µm -50° C to 350°C


benzene 1-nitropropane 2-pentanone pyridine butanol
665.62 751.12 689.59 756.23 662.46
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