SRI FULL FEATURED PORTABLE GCs - SRI Instruments manufactures pre-configured and custom full-featured portable GCs offering a wide range of analytical solutions on flexible and inexpensive GC mainframes. All standard injectors and detectors are available, including accessories such as gas-sampling valves, purge and trap, headspace, vacuum pump interface, and methanizer.Each SRI GC includes Peaksimple Data Acquisition software to make your GC purchase complete. Peaksimple systems are also available as 1- and 6-channel stand-alone acquisition systems for ANY brand of GC.Choose from 16 popular pre-configured systems or customize GC hardware to your exact specifications. SRI GCs will perform 98% or better when compared to leading GC manufacturers but at half the cost. Portability, reliability, flexiblity, ruggedness, and a TWO YEAR factory warranty makes the SRI GCs an excellent choice for your laboratory.

Full-featured portable GCs from SRI offer a wide range of analytical solutions on flexible and inexpensive GC mainframes.

Model 8610C is a full-featured lab quality portable gas chromatograph ideally suited for full laboratory or field use. The compact Model 310 GC provides chromatographers with the same power and performance as the 8610C but in a smaller package. The Model 110 Stand-Alone detector chassis adds new power and versatility to your existing GC system.

SMALLEST FULL-FEATURED GCs AVAILABLE - The Model 8610C GC mainframe footprint is only 18.5" W x 14.5" D x 12.5" H and can be configured with all the features of full-sized laboratory GC's with thousands of possible internal hardware combinations. And it weighs only 40-70 pounds! The Model 310 GC's footprint is only 12.5" W x 14.5" D x 13" H and still provides ambient to 400oC temperature programming capability, multiple ramps, up to 4 detectors, two injectors, and more.

ELECTRONIC PRESSURE CONTROL (EPC) - Optimize your chromatography by controlling your column's head pressure during your analytical run. EPC eliminates all manual pneumatic pressure regulators and flow controllers. All system gases are controlled under the EPC and the carrier gas is now pressure-programmable.

HIGH TEMPERATURE, FAST COOLING OVEN - A new insulated oven with a high output heating element now permits temperature programming from ambient to 400oC at ramp rates up to 40o per minute A new cooling system will get you ready for your next sample run quickly.

MOUNT UP TO FOUR DETECTORS ON THE SAME CHASSIS - Choose from eight standard detectors for maximum GC versatility. Each detector is equipped with full electrometer/amplifier electronics and an adjustable heated zone for maximum detector stability.

PEAKSIMPLE DATA SYSTEM - full data acquisition software and hardware mounted into the GC mainframe is included with every SRI GC (with factory installed detectors). Peaksimple controls all of the GC's functions and integrates up to six detectors via the USB interface. Complete with MS-DOS, Windows 3.x and Windows 95 versions. Peaksimple para Windows en Espanol. Does not include a PC which is necessary to operate the SRI GCs.SERIAL PORT I/O - one serial cord connects the GC to your Laptop computer or networks COM port.

LOW COST - half the cost of larger comparably equipped GCs.

RELIABLE - includes an unprecedented two year factory (parts and labor) warranty.

Choose from many customary detector and injector options to perform almost any ASTM or EPA GC method with the precision and accuracy demanded of full sized instruments doing EPA or state certified analyses. Simplified operation, easy troubleshooting, two year factory warranty, and low initial cost make the SRI portable GCs the best choice for your laboratory.


The flexibility of the SRI Model 8610C and the compact Model 310 GC allows for the same combinations of hardware with multiple injector, detector and add-on options as you would find on a full size lab GC.


On-column, Heated On-Column, Heated Split/Splitless, "fast" SPME, Thermal Soil Desorber, new Method 5035 Compliant Purge and Trap, Method 5030 Purge and Trap Autosampler, On-Line Liquid Sampler for Purge and Trap, 42 Vial Liquid Autosampler, Heated Static Headspace, 10 Port Gas Sampling Valve.


Configure your GC with any of the standard GC detectors, FID, PID, ECD, DElCD, TCD, NPD, FPD, HID and detector combinations: FID/DELCD, NPD/DELCD, FPD/FID. A Model 110 Stand-Alone detector will add new versatility to your existing GC system, of any brand, for far less money than adding a new GC.


Hydrogen generator, methanizer, built-in air compressor, vacuum pump interface, gas line installation kits, GC maintenance kit, packed columns.


You can customize a GC to meet your needs or purchase one of the popular pre-configured GCs offered by SRI.

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