Hydrocarbon Traps

These traps use activated charcoal to remove all hydrocarbons except methane. Some hydrocarbon traps are available with Indicating Drierite™ for simultaneous water removal.



The Model 300 Hydrocarbon Trap removes hydrocarbons from hydrogen and other gases. It contains 500cc's of pure activated charcoal - more than twice the capacity of other leading hydrocarbon filters -removing all hydrocarbons except methane at room temperature. The all-metal cylinder rated to 1000psig.

  • 500cc capacity
  • Highest efficiency is obtained using flow rates below 500 cc/min.
  • Frits in each end prevent fines from entering the gas stream.
  • Can be regenerated

Hot tip:

Carrier Gas Contaminants Can Lead To Gc Column Degradation, Causing Interference With Your Chromatography Such As Decreased Sensitivity And Increased Baseline Noise

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Trap Type Hydrocarbon
Trap Type 373
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