Specialty Traps

The Split Vent Trap keeps detector emissions from contaminating your laboratory air.



During split injection mode, more than 99% of your sample is vented to the atmosphere. The Split Vent Trap contains 1200 milligrams of pure activated charcoal which captures these volatile contaminants venting from split/splitless injectors. The Split Vent Trap consists of the inner glass adsorbent tube with nickel plated end fittings, clear plastic protective outer sleeve and 1/8" tube fittings. Each trap comes with three replacement tubes.

  • High capacity - 1200mg of activated charcoal
  • Protect your health and the health of your coworkers
  • Three replacement cartridges included

Hot tip:

Carrier Gas Contaminants Can Lead To Gc Column Degradation, Causing Interference With Your Chromatography Such As Decreased Sensitivity And Increased Baseline Noise

Trap Type 377
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