UAC-65HT, 65% Phenyl Methyl Polysiloxane - Ultra-Alloy™ Stainless Steel Capillary Columns


General Area Of Use

Triglycerides, biodiesel

UAC-65HT, 65% Phenyl methyl polysiloxane columns are only available in 0.25mm I.D. in the lengths and films noted below.


  0.25mm I.D.
FILM THICKNESS 15M. 30M. 60M. Max. T°
0.1µm #UAC-65HT-15-0.1F #UAC-65HT-30-0.1F #UAC-65HT-60-0.1F 380°C

Hot tip:

Use 0.5mm i.d. Ferrules with 0.25mm id ultra-alloy columns.

Phase Code UAC-65HT
Column Length (M.) 15M.
Column ID (mm)
Film (microns) 0.1um
Phase Type 65% phenyl methylpolysiloxane


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