#SRI-8610-0114-1, #SRI-8610-0114-2


  • PID detector
  • FID/DELCD combo detectors
  • TO-14 dual trap air concentrator
  • Built-in air compressor
  • Vacuum pump with Peaksimple controlled interface
  • 4-channel Peaksimple data system
  • 60M. Capillary Column

For TO-14 analysis and ambient air analyses of all types, this GC configuration has everything you need in a compact, easy to transport package. Small enough to take on-site for real time measurements, you can avoid the need for expensive, labor intensive canister sampling by performing the analysis right at the source.

Options & Upgrades: Additional TO-14 Air Concentrator, 6 channel USB PeakSimple data system, Split/Splitless and PTV injectors, additional columns



SRI full-featured Portable GCs are ideal for use in the field, as well, and they are equally comfortable on a lab bench. You can customize a GC system to meet your specific analytical needs with a wide range of injectors, detectors, and accessory options.

Due to the popularity of some configurations, a number of pre-configured GCs are offered satisfying a wide range of common analytical applications. In some cases, the preconfigured GCs are less expensive than the identical hardware assembled "a la carte." Each of the preconfigured GCs may be further customized (except the educational GC systems).

Check out these popular pre-configured systems below, or configure your own system to meet your needs.

By comparing the relative response, the three detectors make peak identification and confirmation easy. The FID responds to all hydrocarbons, the PID to selected hydrocarbons, and the DELCD to halogens only. The dual-trap sample concentrator is similar to the SRI purge & trap but has a gas inlet instead of a liquid purge vessel ( the liquid purge head can be added if required ). The innovative dual-trap design results in more efficient trapping and desorb than single trap designs, especially for the early eluting peaks such as vinyl chloride.

The built-in "whisper quiet" air compressor eliminates the hassle of transporting bulky air cylinders by providing an endless supply of combustion air for the FID/DELCD detector. The user need only transport small cylinders of carrier and hydrogen (or get the Stand-Alone SRI Hydrogen Generator for both the FID fuel and carrier gas!) which are used at a much lower rate than air, thus a small cylinder will last for weeks or months of operation. The vacuum pump interface allows the PeakSimple data system to turn a vacuum pump ( not supplied ) on and off under control of the software. The vacuum pump is used to draw ambient air through the traps for a precise amount of time thus enabling the system to sample unattended, The 60-meter capillary column is the newest unbreakable fused silica lined stainless steel technology, and gives good separation of the TO-14 analytes with short run times.

The PeakSimple data system controls and sequences the entire analysis, collecting data from the three detectors, loading and desorbing the traps, then printing and calculating the results. Because all the A/D hardware is inside the GC chassis and communicates to your notebook or desktop PC through a standard serial port cable, no boards need to be installed in your computer.

Hot tips:

Up to five injectors can be mounted on the 8610c GC Mainframe. Due to limited space, only a single injector can be mounted on the 310 GC Mainframe.

In order to add a second injector, of any type, additional cold on-column injector hardware must be added first. This hardware is then upgraded to the appropriate injector type.

Preconfigured gcs take advantage of batch manufacturing, offering a lot of gc power at very reasonable pricing.

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Volts 110V
Selections Preconfigured systems
Volts 110V
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