• Highly selective to nitro-functional groups
  • Responds to chlorinated phenols
  • Detects to 1ppb
  • Convenient bead design
  • Can run on air in the field

The Thermionic Ionization Detector (TID) is similar in design to the FID and NPD detectors. The TID is extremely selective, having little or no response to most aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons. At slightly less sensitivity, the TID also responds to chlorinated phenols such as pentachlorophenol (PCP).

An electrically heated thermionic bead (TID bead) is positioned so that the column effluent contacts the hot bead surface. Upon contact, analyte molecules containing nitro-functional groups such as TNT undergo a catalytic surface chemistry reaction. The ions created in this reaction are attracted to the collector electrode, amplified and output to the data system.

The TID requires air for optimum sensitivity. If air is used as the carrier gas, no other detector gases are required. An air makeup gas is provided so that nitrogen or another gas can be used as a carrier. The TID can operate in a nitrogen-only environment with similar but not identical response characteristics. No detector gases other than air or nitrogen are required. A make-up gas is provided so nitrogen can be used as a carrier while air or another gas can be added at the end of the column.



Fourteen detector combinations are available for mounting on the SRI Models 8610C and 310 GC mainframes.You can also upgrade your current GC or add more analytical power to your lab with these detectors as Stand-Alone units on the Model 110 detector chassis.

Up to six detectors may be mounted along the right hand side of the 8610C GC's column oven and used simultaneously (although some rare combinations of detectors may conflict because of space limitations). Each detector is equipped with a thermostatted heater block for temperature stability, electronic pressure controlled (EPC) support gases, such as hydrogen and air for the FID, and internal amplifier electronics. Select your detector type(s) based on your particular measurement application, detection limit required, matrix interferences, and/or regulatory guidelines.

All detectors require factory installation.


Up to six detectors can be mounted on the 8610C GC Mainframe.

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Selections Detector Options
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