• Uses standard 40ml VOA vials
  • VOA vial sleeve thermostatted from ambient to 90°C
  • Automated gas sampling valve with fixed volume loop
  • Actual vial pressure is displayed
  • Liquid, solid or powder samples

The Heated Static Headspace Injector is useful for the analysis of volatiles, especially where the sample matrix is dirty. 10-20 ml of sample is placed into a standard 40 ml VOA vial, which is inserted into a thermostatted sleeve. As the vial is inserted, two needles puncture the septum top of the vial.

Purge gas enters through one needle to pressurize the vial, and the other needle carries the headspace vapors to the loop of the gas sampling valve. A solenoid valve located at the loop exit is opened under PeakSimple data system control to allow headspace vapors to purge through the loop just prior to injecting the loop contents onto the column. The entire headspace sleeve is mechanically agitated under control of the data system. The thermostatted sleeve is provided with a second VOA vial slot so that the next sample can be pre-heating and equilibrating while the current sample is being analyzed. The VOA vial sleeve can be thermostatted from ambient to 100°C under control of the data system, so the vial can be cooled down prior to removal.



Each SRI GC comes standard with one 1/8" cold on-column injector for use with either 0.53mm I.D.

capillary or 1/8" packed columns, see below. This type of injector allows the sample to be deposited directly into the bore of the column and avoids any contact with the injector port surfaces. This eliminates the need for a heated injector and is ideal for 0.53mm I.D. capillary columns.

  • For solids, choose the Thermal Soil Desorber or the Heated Static Headspace.
  • For liquids, choose the Cold On-Column, Heated Flash On-Column, Heated Split/Splitless, or the Heated Static Headspace.
  • For gases, choose the 10 Port Gas Sampling Valve or the Purge and Trap.
  • Add automation with the Method 5030 Purge and Trap Autosampler, or the 42 Vial Liquid Autosampler.

Up to 5 injector types, covering solids, liquids and gases can be mounted simultaneously onto the Model 8610C GC mainframe. Due to limited space, only one injector can be mounted on the Model 310 GC. Click on the links below to go directly to the specific information on the available injector hardware.

Heated Flash Vaporization, Heated Split/Splitless and PTV injectors are all upgrades to the On-column injector. All injectors must be installed at the SRI factory.


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