• Analyze samples from Source, Tedlar Bags, Canisters or Air
  • 10-port Electrically Actuated Valve
  • Vacuum pump and sample interface
  • Optional Independently heated Dual Traps
  • Peaksimple control

An external vacuum pump (included) is attached to the downstream side of the traps to automatically load a gas sample under control of the PeakSimple data system. Gas samples may be contained in tedlar bags, canisters or may be sampled directly from the source. The vacuum pump is operated for several minutes or more to pass 100-200 ml/minute of gas through the traps where the organics are retained. Several liters or more may be concentrated depending on the ultimate detection limit required. Once the analytes are trapped, they are desorbed and directed to the column for separation.

The TO-14 Air Concentrator comes with single or dual traps. The single trap option is good for most analyses. If vinyl chloride is a target analyte, order the dual trap option. Please see the Purge & Trap pages for an explanation of the benefits of our unique dual trap design.


Each SRI GC comes standard with one 1/8" cold on-column injector for use with either 0.53mm I.D.

capillary or 1/8" packed columns, see below. This type of injector allows the sample to be deposited directly into the bore of the column and avoids any contact with the injector port surfaces. This eliminates the need for a heated injector and is ideal for 0.53mm I.D. capillary columns.

  • For solids, choose the Thermal Soil Desorber or the Heated Static Headspace.
  • For liquids, choose the Cold On-Column, Heated Flash On-Column, Heated Split/Splitless, or the Heated Static Headspace.
  • For gases, choose the 10 Port Gas Sampling Valve or the Purge and Trap.
  • Add automation with the Method 5030 Purge and Trap Autosampler, or the 42 Vial Liquid Autosampler.

Up to 5 injector types, covering solids, liquids and gases can be mounted simultaneously onto the Model 8610C GC mainframe. Due to limited space, only one injector can be mounted on the Model 310 GC. Click on the links below to go directly to the specific information on the available injector hardware.

Heated Flash Vaporization, Heated Split/Splitless and PTV injectors are all upgrades to the On-column injector. All injectors must be installed at the SRI factory.


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